Sorry Bobby, but I think

Sorry Bobby, but I think the evolution that’s being taught in the classrooms today as “science” requires a lot of “faith”. and talk about a stretch – they take one little dinosaur bone & create an entire community of dinosaurs & present them to our children as absolute fact – now that’s unbelievable!

Besides, the REAL reason that evolution works for many people has to do with morality – if you don’t believe in God, you aren’t accountable & you can go on your merry way & do your own thing regardless of what that is…..that kind of gets messed up when you put God in the picture ya know with the Thou Shalt nots & all – people just can’t reconcile their immoral lifestyles with the holiness God requires – bottom line – that’s why it’s essential to get rid of God/Jesus at any cost. You can pretty much believe in other stuff that’s “fluffy, touchy feely” but whatever you do – don’t mention that somebody might be doing someting wrong, immoral or even “sinful”. Then you/ve really done it. I think you get the picture….. and unfortunately, so do many other Christians who have now begun to be persecuted & shunned for their faith. And yes, made fun of as if they only have half a brain in their warped little heads.

I would invite you to “read The BooK” – there are no “secrets” there – just many truths waiting for anyone willing to read them. I would encourage you to start reading the Book of John. Actually, one of the most beloved New Testament writers – Paul – was a former persecutor of Christians until he literally “saw the light”. I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with the Flying Spaghetti Monster but I can promise you that if that’s all there is in your life – there’s something missing – but the good news is that it’s easily found – for those who ernestly seek Him – the only begotten Son of God – Jesus Christ. If you don’t know His story already – please, as I suggested, start looking in the pages of that controversial book – The Bible. Thanks for reading. Pam Deehan.