i don’t believe this shit!!!

i don’t believe this shit!!! Why are you telling this ************ to all people all over the world??? You must be silly!!! This is only a gag. You might’nt believe! -Sebastian Fritz

Really, you should be ashamed of yourself. Its okay, I guess if you don’t want to believe in Creation. Oops, I didn’t use the politically correct moniker of “intelligent design.” However, you mock everything that Christians believe in. I noticed how in the story of your drug induced spaghetti monster you capitalize the name of your so called creator. Although I am not a perfect person and yes I do sin, I believe your opinion is blasphemous. I also realize that what I am writing to you will probably be scoffed at because you have already made up your mind that science has all of the answers, consider this: Science is largely theory and the test results can be manipulated every time to derive at a particular result. It is unfortunate that you must down grade something you don’t understand, but that’s okay. God gave you a brain and free will to decide what you want to do and whom you will follow. I just pray that you don’t burn all of your bridges before it is too late.

Your brother in Christ,

Eric E. House

P.S. I’ll pray for you with the hope that when you have children you are spared from losing them to some sort of tragedy. Because I know that if that happens to you, you will most certainly blame God and that simple act of blaming Him will result in your acknowlegment that He truly does exist.