You are in Intelligently Designed IDIOT!

Published September 6th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Yo Bobby,

You are an ignorant ignoramous!! Why can’t you and all of your atheist cohorts just keep your big, fat traps closed when it comes to even a HINT of GOD!!! What are you afraid of???? Darwin’s rantings (sorry, not even enough scientific evidence to even CALL it a theory) have NO basis–time has proven that. Our schoolkids are being totally cheated out of the truth—and it is people like you that turn it into a farce when a viable alternative is presented!!! When you deny kids the knowledge of an Intelligent Designer that created them for a specific purpose—-you deny them a true purpose in life and deny them the ability to cherish this wonderful life and world God created just for us humans……….

Your website makes me ill—-but I will be praying for you! Don’t worry—God does love you even though you are vehemently pushing him away right now and we will ALL be judged when we die. Do you feel good about taking your atheism one step further or what????