idiots claiming a flying spaghetti monster

wow, this site has to be full of the biggest crackheads i have ever heard of.  Idiots claiming a flying spaghetti monster, and more idiots complaining about it,  goddamn.  let me lay things straight here
1. Spaghetti is a food, i’ll eat your false deity, so screw it, you all can go die
2. The concerned christians who post on this site are just as dumb.  who the fuck cares about this little site?  you’re only bringing attention to it by posting.  and for the record, fuck it i’ll eat you’re deity as well.  I hate every last one of you.  and i don’t care if i’m feuling your quest for a lower IQ, ffs, you’re all just a bunch of nerds who decided that it might be funny to listen to the crackhead named Bobby Henderson.
anyways, have fun losers, i’m gonna go to my girlfriends house now.  i’ll explain what a girlfriend is to you later.