FSM in Jerusalem

I have always said that Pastafarianism is the most tolerant and peaceful of all the mainstream* religions. Based in reason, the FSM religion avoids the usual traps of dogma. Pastafarians are not bound to any strict doctrine whose context may change over the years. As a result, we’re able to incorporate new ideas into our beliefs and evolve** with the times.

I was sent these photographs of the FSM in Jerusalem, the holiest city in Judaism. If legitimate***, it would appear that the FSM, Himself, is on some sort of research trip. Clearly, it is a relaxed, peaceful trip, as the pictures show the FSM sight-seeing. But make up your own mind:

jerusalem1.jpg jerusalem2.jpg

* I feel that Pastafarianism can be considered a mainstream religion rather than a fringe religion, since there are now over one million results when googling “flying spaghetti monster”.

** By this, I mean a type of social evolution. Biological evolution is of course only an illusion; the Flying Spaghetti Monster Created everything in its current form, we believe.

*** The FSM does, admittedly, look to be constructed of yarn or something similar, but I believe this is just the way he looks on film.

Thanks to Noga for the pictures.