Pancake sighting

We had a minor miracle at our house this am. An image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster appeared in a pancake (see attached photo).

As you can see his noodleness seems to be winking, then it hit me.
He’s wearing a pirate patch on one eye! A clear endorsement of Talk
Like a Pirate day for Pastafarians. Arrrrrr. And pancakes.

It was my intention to sell the pancake on eBay but, in a moment of confusion in the kitchen, the iconic flapjack was accidentally mixed in with the batch going to the table where it was subsequently slathered in butter, covered with syrup and consumed. Efforts at recovery were both messy and spectacularly unsuccessful.

Best Regards,



It looks real to me. I’m glad it wasn’t sold on ebay, but slightly curious as to how much it would have been sold for -bobby