xmas discrimination at msu

JT of the Missouri State University Pastafarians has told me about some troubling discrimination.

The MSU campus is displaying a Holiday Tree and Menorah – but requests to put up a FSM Holiday display were denied, then false hurdles put in place, and now it seems that communication is being ignored.

It should be noted that Pastafarians are an officially recognized student organization at MSU, with the support of many of MSU’s finest faculty members.

It seems clear that the denial of the FSM display is due to the Dean of the Humanities Dept. and building coordinator, Dr. Lorene Stone.

The display is spectacular, and tasteful by anyone’s standards.
Take a look:



JT and MSU Chemistry professor Dr. Mark Richter have documented their correspondence with Dean Stone. It’s an extremely interesting read; everyone should take a look: JT’s blog post about this.

A note to Dean Stone: you’re running a school, NOT a religious organization. It’s not your place to push your personal beliefs on anyone, nor is it your place to reject beliefs that you don’t subscribe to or take seriously. Jesus would not approve of what you’re doing.


It seems the MSU administration is unwilling to discuss the matter. Dean Stone’s most recent correspondence said “I am VERY busy and do not have time to continue this e-mail dialogue with you.”

MSU President Dr. Michael Nietzel has been notified of the issue.

We need your help. We’d like the administration to get a sense of the number of people concerned about this issue. If you choose to write the administration with your views, PLEASE be courteous and respectful. The issue here is equality, not whether Pastafarianism is better than any other belief system.

Dr. Lorene Stone:
[email protected]

Dr. Michael T. Nietzel:
[email protected]

Thanks for your help.

— UPDATE 2 —

I’ve been forwarded some replies by MSU President Dr. Michael Niezel, which, if accurate, indicate that the administration offered to allow the Pastafarian display to be placed in a different building.

I would like to know why the Pastafarian display is not allowed to be placed next to the other religious displays.

I believe Dr. Stone made the decision to deny the placement of the Pastafarian display based on her biased personal views, and that her decision is being upheld by the administration above her for political reasons.

My view is that a building administrator who allows a Christian and Jewish display, but denies a Pastafarian display has acted inappropriately.

What do you think? Is it enough to be allowed to place the display in another building?