FSM Sculpture at Microsoft


Pastafarian Mark found this sculpture while exploring the Microsoft campus.

So I tend to wander around the buildings at Microsoft just to get some exercise and see what is up, and we have a big collection of art on campus that gets rotated between buildings every year or so. So I generally expect to see some interesting things in the halls. So while I was over in Building 4 the other day (location of the closest espresso stand) and I notice some odd sculpture on the second floor balcony. Going upstairs, what do I find? A sculpture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Now that’s some pretty cool art.

I have heard rumors of this sculpture and that Bill G, himself, commissioned its creation. I was skeptical of its existence and have always had trouble believing that Bill G was in fact a devout Pastafarian, but this photo has changed everything.

Thanks Mark!

You can check out Mark’s account of his discovery on his blog here.