Thinkgeek Pirate Ice

ThinkGeek is offering these Bone Chillers Ice Trays:


Liven up your FSM meetings

Pastafarians around the world know that, every Friday, they must put on their pirate regalia, and worship the great Flying Spaghetti Monster (Blessed be the Noodly Appendage that deftly spreads the holy marinara, ramen). However, this particular Friday evening, when the grog gets passed around the congregation, it’s tepid. You need ice.

Not just any ice, though! In an attempt to please pastafarians everywhere, we’ve released the Bone Chiller skull and crossbones silicon ice-cube tray.

That’s probably the coolest ice cube tray I have ever seen, and it was very nice of ThinkGeek to think of us. Here’s the link if you’d like to purchase some trays. And another picture, below.