Stuffed knit FSM


This amazing knitted FSM was made by Pastafarian Kathrina.

I was inspired by his Noodly Greatness to cast an image of him as a Birthday Gift for a member of your community here at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I searched about the closets and cupboards for fine gold with which I could create a proper tribute to his Wonder, but alas I was unable to find any.

I did, however, locate a great deal of yarn. And so I set about to form a fitting likeness.

knitted2small.jpg knitted3.jpg

You can find more spectacular images on Kathrina’s Flickr Set.

For those among you also skilled in the ways of yarn and small, sharp, pointy sticks, you may find directions to create your very own stuffed FSM here:

Stuffed FSM knitting instructions