where did the first big rock come from and what hit it?

Published July 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Not a hate-mail, but I don’t have a category for this sort:

I am not a scientist but I am a teacher (not in florida). I am a Christian and personally believe in intelligent design. However, I do not believe it is my place to force Christianity into the classroom either. I will live my life as a Christian and feel free to share my faith when necessary and unforcefully. Anyway, I don’t think anyone will get anywhere in this argument. First, even if there was a “Big Bang” where did the first big rock come from and what hit it? Even science can’t explain something coming from nothing. On the flip-side even Christians can’t explain when or how God began. All I know is that science can only explain so much and so does the bible. So, it’s faith in either God or Science. Faith that God did it or that science will discover it. I personally believe that science studies God’s creation including scientific laws. I also believe that there are some things in the Holy Bible that will better understood in the end. Even the gospels told of secrets that were not shared with the masses. Also, who can argue that evolution exists? That’s fact!!! The argument is creation v. just happening.