I can’t believe you have spent so much time

I can’t believe you have spent so much time being sarcastic about how stupid you think faith in God is. People who have faith are not crazy, dillusional, or using religion as a crutch. I’ve heard it all. I don’t understand why people like you make fun of the single concept that believing in God comes down to–love. That’s all it’s really about. Making a mockery of something people feel passionate about is kind of a waste of time. I feel bad that you have gotten yourself so deep into this FSM thing and are surrounded by people who agree with you. Some things don’t have to make sense to you to be true.

I believe in what the Bible offers me because it all has a single underlying message: to be a pure and loving person. Although I’m not always, I want to strive to be…and this makes my life happier.

If you were to see a slideshow of your entire life, would you truly feel pride? Would you see yourself with images of sharing positive and happy emotion with others that isn’t based on making fun of Religion?

Someday you will come to a point where you’ll know the Truth. And you may not believe me now, but I’m just trying to help you…the day that you die, if you find yourself afraid and alone, just call out to Jesus. Just remember this.

p.s. check out George G, Ritchie’s Return From Tomorrow.