FSM portrait from self



Pastafarian Dhreck created this stunning portrait of the FSM built entirely of pasta.

I made a pencil sketch of the outlines of His body on canvas, then glued over these lines with small pieces of spaghetti three to six rows deep to create the basic shape of the FSM. The inner spaces (noodles, meatballs and eye stalks) were made dark with ink before using several kinds of broken down pasta to further fill in the body. This to differentiate the coloring, texture and density of the different body parts/sections and to make sure minimal canvas would appear in the gaps. Finished up by filling in the eyes and background, hiding all mistakes beneath a thick carpet of pasta. Somehow I used a pound of sweet sweet glue in the process.

In total 7 different kinds of pasta were used to create the finished piece. Spaghetti for the outlines, tagliatelle to fill in His noodly appendages, a bit of vermicelli on the eye-stalks, green & orange fusilli for His meaty balls and glass noodle on the eyeballs. Background is filled in with broken down lasagna Verde sheets on the bottom and ground up Chinese egg noodle on top.

I urge everyone to check out Dhreck’s website for more information and pictures.