Monster Mash

The FSM aka Matt and fake Mexican
FSM and Slabcock

After becoming a believer in FSMism a while back, I always wanted to get His name out there… but didn’t know exactly when the best time would be. I have put up a sign here and there at my high school but no big buzz had happened. It wasn’t until two nights ago that, for my last high school basketball game that I would be attending (Senior Night), that I decided to name it “Monster Mash” as the theme. It was His time. After school on Friday, I was on a frantic buzz around town trying to find supplies and materials. At around 5 o’clock I started the production and at 7:30 I was walking through the door at the gym Yelling.

Everyone was asking me who I was suppose to be: students, little kids, adults, everyone. And I told every which one about His noodly appendage. And through this breakthrough experience, I found one other Pastafarian. FSM had be produced the the highest mass media of our town.

Now the other Pastafarian, which we will call Slabcock, have already talked about having an FSM Awareness Day, etc. at our school— of course dressing in full pirate regalia. If any ideas, support you could give (maybe a flag or something) to help spread His word would be lovely.

This costume has just seen the beginning of its days.



P.S. There are two pictures enclosed. One of the fake Mexican is just a bud of mine, and the other one with Slabcock. He tried his best to get some piratey gear together at the game.