Evidence in Chile



I´m Stefan from Australia. I´m currently backpacking through South America at the moment. I was in the city of Castro, on Isla Grande de Chiloé (Chile) last week when I came across an Italian Pizza/PASTA restaurant with a mural on the wall above it which suggests to me that the word of the FSM is spreading.

In Exhibit 1, we can clearly see His noodly appendage in the artwork on the left.

Exhibit 2 clearly shows what appears to be an interpretation of Michaelangelo´s “Creation of Adam”, much like what devout Pastafarians would be familiar with, with something very noodly-looking handing a piece of pizza to what appears to be a “midgit” Adam.

I knew when I saw it that I had been touched by the FSM. What a blessing! So seeing that it was Friday and I was very hungry, I went inside and enjoyed a nice big plate of spaghetti for lunch.


Pastafarian Stefan