PPE Is Accepted Pastafarian Religious Garb

safety first

I just wanted to make it clear that medical professionals are allowed and encouraged to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

The N95 and similar [1] masks are recognized by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as acceptable alternative religious garb.

Religious texts tell us early Pastafarians wore bandanas and similar over their faces to protect against disease. They likely would have worn modern equipment had it been available in their time.

The right to wear religious garb at work is protected by state and federal laws.  Any church members who are denied their right to wear appropriate religious garb should consult with an attorney.  And let us know if we can help.

Let’s all stay safe.

Note- Some dispute whether the mask should go under or over the eye-patch. I would think under, but I am not a doctor nor do I wear an eye-patch. Beards also prevent the masks from sealing optimally. Also the man in the photo is a statue.

[1] Please consider all similar mask types as official holy garb: N95, N99, N100, P95, P99, P100, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, KN95