I, Pastafari documentary now available for streaming

Great news, the Church of the FSM documentary I, Pastafari by Mike Arthur is now available for streaming on iTunes / Amazon / Google Play.

I was pleased with the way the film came out. Mike did an amazing job on a subject that is tricky to describe. The reviews have been great — people seem to get the message of the film (and maybe the Church of FSM in general).

Newsweek covered the film:

The irony of releasing the film in the midst of a pandemic as people are debating the science surrounding facts isn’t lost on Arthur. “Right now in the U.S., science is treated almost as another belief system,” he said. “We have a global pandemic right now, but people won’t listen to experts, because a too-large-to-ignore population of the country thinks that science is just an opinion, and Pastafarianism was really created based on this idea, based on exposing this false-equivalency.”

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The Hollywood Reporter also put up a review:

I, Pastafari feels little urge to become a full-blown doc about church and state, and who can blame it? Like its heroes, it walks a fine line between pointing out the ridiculousness of the world’s creation myths and not wanting to insult those who use faith to aid and comfort their fellow humans. Given how often godlessness is repped by insufferably smug folks like Bill Maher and Ricky Gervais, it’s a relief to see the same points made by mild-mannered folk willing to sit in front of judges and lawmakers wearing salad strainers on their heads.

Read the full Hollywood Reporter article here

You can watch a clip from the film here:

To watch the documentary, you can go onto iTunes / Amazon Prime / Google Play and search “I, Pastafari”.

Direct link to the Amazon Prime Rental is here