So Help Me, Flying Spaghetti Monster – Newsweek article

I wanted to share this Newweek article about Mike Arthur’s Church of the FSM documentary I, Pastafari. It’s great.

“They’re asking the question: Why does it matter if I believe in Thor or God or Allah or Poseidon or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or no god at all? Why does that impact my rights? Why does that impact my freedoms? Why in a secular democracy does that matter? Why are we not treated equally?” Arthur said. “It’s impossible to prove or disprove a real religion.”

The irony of releasing the film in the midst of a pandemic as people are debating the science surrounding facts isn’t lost on Arthur. “Right now in the U.S., science is treated almost as another belief system,” he said. “We have a global pandemic right now, but people won’t listen to experts, because a too-large-to-ignore population of the country thinks that science is just an opinion, and Pastafarianism was really created based on this idea, based on exposing this false-equivalency.”

You can read the article here.

The documentary is streaming now on Amazon Prime (rentals), Google Play, and others.