Bruder Spaghettus Documentary – THE MAN AND THE MONSTER

Bruder Spaghettus Documentary

Filmmaker Alex Alford has traveled to Germany to make a short documentary about Rüdiger Weida aka Bruder Spaghettus, and his Pastafarian church in the town of Templin.

… when I actually met Rüdiger I discovered there was much more to his story than initially met the eye. As a student growing up in oppressive East Germany post-WWII, he fell in love with satire as a means of speaking out against an unjust government. In fact, this led to him being aggressively spied on by the German secret police (and boy, does he have many crazy stories about this). Now, later in life, he has found satire through Pastafarianism as a way to speak out against a new enemy – the German church.


Bruder has been fighting for legal recognition of the Church for years – he is a fascinating man and I found Alex’s documentary very well-made and interesting. Highly recommended.

Here’s the Trailer:

And here’s the Documentary: