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I wrote the Open Letter sometime around January of 2005 and posted it online several months later after receiving no reply from the Kansas School Board. Within days of posting it online, the letter became an internet phenomenon, generating tens of thousands of visits each day, as well as personal responses from the school board members themselves. To date (July 2010), the venganza website has received tens of millions of visits. This website operates on a dedicated server which lives in Sweden. I’ve received over 60,000 emails in response to the letter.

The letter, after making the rounds on the internet for months, was printed in several large newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun Times, and many others. The newspaper articles caught the attention of book publishers, and at one point there were six publishers interested in getting the Word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster out to the public. In the end, the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was released by Random House in March of 2006.

It’s now been several years since the FSM phenomenon started and it seems that there is a staying power that no one had anticipated. Future goals for the church include becoming recognized as a legitimate religious organization with all inherit benefits *and tax loopholes* that the mainstream religions enjoy.

Please leave me a comment on the Letter, the FSM movement as a whole, or whatever you like. Thanks,


4,300 Responses to “Comment on the Open Letter”

  1. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    4251 – Mishler – Jun 6th, 2010

    This site is so incredibly sacrilegious.
    — One cannot be sacrilegious if one does not find these things you believe holy or sacred.

    If you people think that the scientific evidence for evolution is “overwhelming,” clearly you have never opened a science book and read anything for yourself, but rather have simply been spoon-fed “facts” that are tainted or vastly unproven.
    — Really? Where in those science books that you seem to know so well does it say “GOD DID IT!” DNA – proven, fossils – proven. I am confused where the “facts I have been spoon fed” are tainted.

    There are SO many things that evolution [admittedly – by evolutionists!] cannot explain (and will not – EVER!).
    — I was waiting for this one. Instead of continuing to look for explanations to questions, just stop. There is no need to continue further scientific research. God did it is a great explanation and will suffice. No need for science anymore! This is what is wrong with your religion. It stunts science because it simply accepts an unproven invisible deity as the answer to everything and prevents other areas of science from progressing because it goes against your invisible sky daddy’s moral code… It is, quite frankly, pathetic.

    Go to college and a get a degree in Biology and if you can think for yourself, you will see that to think that everything just got here by chance is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE!
    — Just because something is highly improbable does not mean impossible. I also believe there are people on here who have a degree in biology and could knock you on your ass with their knowledge. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. But I have read their posts, and they are much smarter than you. Especially since they constantly want to continue gaining knowledge instead of copping out to the “god solution”.

    Intelligent design is the only viable option. The human body, the cell, the elements, – they are DESIGNED!
    — Prove it. Provide the testable, repeatable evidence.

    That is the only way that such complexities can exist “naturally.”
    — No it is not. Evolution.

    Deep down every human being struggles with the question of why they exist – and what happens after they die.
    — I don’t need an explanation for why I exist. I am happy with the fact that I do exist and can positively effect my world. What happens when I die is my body stops working and my energy is released back into the universe.

    They may deny it, but they do.
    — No. Only the ones who are scared to die. You are obviously one of them.

    This “religion” proves that point so clearly!
    — How is that?

    If people didn’t struggle with this question, then they would simply shrug of the idea of intelligent design and God as a simple fairy tale and would not even waste the time to create such a website.
    — No, hun. See the point of this website is to prevent crazy people like you from indoctrinating our children in public schools with religion dressed up to look like science.

    Everybody can deny the existence of a God as vehemently as they wish, but one day every human being will stand before the true and living God and will be held accountable for his actions.
    — You have never heard of the god center of the brain have you? In order to cope with dying we have evolved this idea that there is an afterlife to make us feel better.

    It pains me to see so many miserably lost souls on here.
    — Why would you assume I am miserable? I’m not the one who has to cling to an invisible zombie sky daddy in order to give meaning to my life.

    You can say all you want that there is no evidence of God, but everyone knows that is completely false.
    — Actually, no I don’t. Where is this evidence that gives conclusive proof of the existence of god?

    The Bible contains the most complete record of any civilization and has been verified countless times with many other completely secular, unbiased sources.
    — Hmm… Strange. There is no record of the Jesus your bible claims existed anywhere. The 4 gospels were written decades after Jesus was executed and there is no proof of who wrote them. Historical events in the bible have never been proven (i.e a flooding of the entire planet, the exodus, the slaughter of the innocents). Oh, and if you actually read the book of Mark then you know he said Jesus would return before that generation passed and the apostles died. Funny how that didn’t happen. That is why the book of John reads so differently from the rest and the book of Revelation was written. Something had to explain away that prediction.

    I pray that each and every one of you will one day come to the realization that Jesus Christ is real and that He loves you no matter how badly you blaspheme him!
    — Aww… How sweet. Praying for our souls while believing that we will burn for eternity because we don’t agree with you. Must be nice to think that we will receive our just reward for not agreeing with you. Yeah for our punishment!!! Seriously though, I am just speaking my thoughts. It isn’t my problem if you find it blasphemous or that you have no clue how to think for yourself or do research. When you can offer proof instead of just slinging words around expecting us to just fall over and believe you just because you said so. I am sure the biologists here would love to hear your “proof”.

  2. Elena says:

    Hello there! I`m from Costa Rica, Central America and I think this is a great and smart way to make people think. People think that religious beliefs must be unquestionable and it extends beyond religion, so people forget the curiosity and love of knowledge.
    Thank you very much for this letter and for the FSM. Psychologically speaking it is an innovative technique. People of other religions shouldn’t feel awarded and if they do, just don`t assume it.
    Hugs for everybody!

  3. luke says:

    I think I love this, mostly because anyone who comes here bearing their Christian beliefs shrugs this off as purely illogical and impossible, with no solid evidence behind it other than a book. Which is pure and hilarious hypocrisy. I even read it’s impossible because “mankind created spaghetti.”
    Well mankind also happened to create the idea of heaven, and god as well; hence the fact that there are books made from paper which are made from trees grown on this sentient earth in which these ideas were originally found.
    And besides, who’s to say god couldn’t manifest himself into a flying spaghetti monster?

  4. Rev. Rufus 'SLIP' Johnson says:


  5. KarenK says:

    Brilliant! I wish I would have thought of that. I am so tired of all of those religious nuts, conservatives, etc. mouthing off about what people should and shouldn’t do. And that there is a god who saved them and loves them and blah, blah, blah…. Well now, I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Maybe I should go out and protest all over the country and tell others what they should believe in and what their decisions should be. Let’s make sure to cram Pastafarism down their throats!

  6. Jimmy Green says:

    ???Religion is for losers…flying spaghetti monster???religion is for idiots

  7. plumberbob says:

    @ 4280 – KarenK ,

    Let me stop you right there to remind you that our mission is the prevention of religion in the science curricula of the public schools. The FSM is very specific in his Gospel, that we are NOT to go about publicly preaching like the evangelist cults do:


  8. Romulus says:

    Well, bizarre as it may seem, I’m a firm believer in God, but I AM IN LOVE with this!

    People pick sides too often, and this just results in more conflict and hate. How many people rag on religious people for being ‘bigots, judgmental’ and then turn around and judge and hate on religions and those that believe in them? Hypocrisy with a capital H. Love it ^_^

    Anyways, I think that God has a sense of humor, regardless of what “His” church or people may say about Him. FSM doesn’t offend me at all, it’s deliciously funny [no pun intended spaghetti-lovers] and it has sharp wit to boot.

    You got a lot of people running around called who say there is a God and they KNOW it’s the TRUTH. Then you got a bunch of people running around who say they there is no God and they KNOW it’s the TRUTH. Whereas the only people who are really telling the truth are the humble ones who say quite succinctly “I just don’t know to be honest.”

    Who on this earth possesses 100% of the known data held in the universe? Or 50% Or even just 1%?? Therefore it’s EXTREMELY arrogant to say you KNOW something is true, when you don’t even have more than 1% of the knowledge required to know that.

    As it is, I BELIEVE in God because I simply cannot disbelieve in God. The complexity of a single cell itself is mind-boggling….and as for the Big Bang just happening on its own….does that really make sense even within the realm of science? Where else do we see life or matter or even a single atom just exploding from nothingness? I also have had spiritual experiences and encounters both as an atheist and a born-again Christian.

    As it is, I don’t KNOW anything. I haven’t ever talked to God or heard Him talk to me. I haven’t seen Jesus alive with my own two eyes. But I believe what I believe for the same reasons anyone believes what they believe, my own experience and life have led me to them.

    As it is, I won’t push anything on you cuz I’m not about that. But I will tell you I wouldn’t be alive today if a girl and a pastor hadn’t taken the time to tell me about Jesus, pray for me, even argue with me, and just plain show me an unconditional love that blew my mind. I know I owe my life, my every breath to God, to Christianity, because there’s no way I got through 2 suicide attempts and 6+ years of uncontrollable depression on my own. I don’t know everything about God, and I can’t prove Him to you with empirical data [which personally I wouldn’t mind having myself!] But I CANNOT deny that He has helped me, and His love is amazing to me.

    I share this in case anyone who’s reading wants to know that kind of love and comfort that God can give you. If you don’t want it, don’t take it. If you do, find a Christian to talk to about God or find a church to go to. A good church will show you the love of Christ. My apologies on behalf of my own brothers and sisters in Christ that there are SO MANY bad churches and so few good churches. I myself find it difficult to find real, loving churches these days.

    And if you wanna bash on my beliefs, go ahead. I’ll love you and respect your beliefs just the same anyways ^_^

  9. Dan Reed says:

    Wonderful; only thing is, the graph goes from 35000 to 45000 to 20000; shouldn’t that be 35000 to 25000 to 20000?

  10. kath says:

    That letter is one of the greatest things I have read in a very long time! Thank you!

  11. Fc says:

    Hail to his holyness the flying spaghetti monster and his noodly appendage.

    And also hail to all those people that dont understand what this is all about..

  12. joe says:

    I’m sick of the psychotic religious nuts but I’m also sick of the athiest D-bags who go around telling everyone that religion is stupid and if they believe in any religion they’re stupid too. leave people alone, some people get satiasfaction from their religion, if they dont impede on anyone elses lives or beliefs, leave them alone. meddling, I hate meddlers