The Cause

I try not to say too much about what the purpose of the Church is. Because it’s different for every member, the same as with all religions.

To some this is just an experiment; a response to the Intelligent Design movement, a defense of science, a satirical religion meant to combat religious fundamentalism run amok.

We believe it’s important to keep religion out of politics. But when we see public officials abusing their positions, putting their personal religion-based ideas into policy, we fight to get our ideas included as well. It’s only fair.

For some it’s more than satire, more than activism. Just as many Christians don’t take the bible literally, many Pastafarians don’t believe in the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (but understand: many do).

People get something out of religion despite their lack of literal belief; peace, a sense of community, a way to understand the world – whatever. With Pastafarianism, literal belief is even less important; belief is not required for our religion, because we have no irrational Dogma that requires faith.

Whether or not the Flying Spaghetti Monster actually exists is beside the point. It can’t be proved either way, just as Christians can’t prove the existence of their god. And there’s no reason to try. We’re all free to believe what we want.

Pastafarianism is as valid as any other religion or belief-system. More than most, even.

We’re made up largely of tolerant, intelligent people. Pastafarians reject dogma, we therefore have no problems with radical fundamentalism.

We’re the most peaceful religion in the world, our beliefs having caused zero deaths worldwide (to my knowledge). Christianity and Islam have more members, but this will change over time.

We are a group of people who are conscious about how religious belief causes as many problems as it solves. When we say we “believe”, we mean we “think”.

So the Cause is this: We are pursuing a religion that makes the world a better place. It means something different to each of us. We don’t need to analyze it.

We’re raising funds for an ocean-going pirate ship to Spread the Word of Pastafarianism to the world. Every purchase of FSM merchandise contributes to this goal. To date, we’ve raised over $100k. The ship will be open to all Pastafarians. We’ll have a great time.


-bobby henderson