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Congratulations, bastard. You’ve figured out

Congratulations, bastard. You’ve figured out how to manipulate a million people. What are you going to do next? Ask the government for no taxes because of your so-called-religion? Look, only someone with the mind of a two year old would think of doing something like this. If you file a lawsuit against and government offices you will do nothing but prove your own stupidity and deprive children from learning because schools are underfunded as is. What you are doing is truly asinine and I hope you realize the error of your ways soon. And by the way, your case would not hold in court, mainly because no judge in his right mind is going to buy this bullshit. Maybe you should try to convert bush, he is a two year old too is he not? Also, feel free to kill yourself.

Sincerely, james aladar

This is crazy… I hope

This is crazy… I hope to god no one believes this at all… What magic crack you on dude? lol

YOU are a freak! Oh a DUMB one at that! You don’t know anything about intelligent design, (mainly because it takes an intelligent being to understand). I guess that leaves you out! – Greg Kent

Hi Bobby, I am totally receptive to your way of hiding from the truth. Till I had a real GOD encounter I thought…….well, nothing like you. I pray the next time you eat Italian you will have a revelation by the Holy Spirit. Be Blessed, JB

The problem you people have is that your understanding of theory doesn’t make sense. Basically you understand the universe coming into existance by “chance”. The thing that gets me is that you can’t show me a handfull of chance anymore than I can “prove” or show you God. Your theory basically states that, in a sense that a magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat without a rabbit, a hat, or even the magician himself. That’s really a great idea that can be proven??? When did this process stop? why aren’t the monkey’s at the zoo walking out to buy a house and get married and the rest? Where are the creatures coming out of the water to become the next “link” Why are so many evolution scientists leaving the Darwinian view of evolution, because it’s true? Look at the complexity of your body, the formation of stars in constellations above, the way nature works in itself when we don’t scew it up. How did that happen by “chance” Believe it or don’t, whatever, but both are based on a “faith”. One a faith in nothing, the other in the creator of all. My children were born (creation formed by 2 loving parent’s in the way described in the Bible) not evolved form stuff I grew in the pond outback that became a monkey, then my child. Can I explain it all? no,(that’s why it’s faith) but your ideas in evolution don’t make sense either and take just as much faith.

Aren’t you tired of being

Aren’t you tired of being a faceless and unimportant pawn for evil? Don’t be a tool. Whether you want to admit it or not you’re being used and controlled by evil. I bet that you really do believe in God and all of his good. It’s just that something in your past has hurt you so deeply that you’re angry because God let it happen and now you are turning on him. God lets bad things happen to people because this life is a test to see how you deal with problems, if you are good or evil and as a test to see how much you love Him. Everyone wonders what is life’s big secret? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? I have the answer:

The golden rule. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. This is the essence of true love. Love is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. You’re life’s work, wealth and health are nothing without love. You will be rewarded or punished based upon your decisions. Are you going to lead the impressionable and the weak down a path that leads to nowhere? Or are you going to make a positive difference in this life? Even if you are not sure about God’s existence, wouldn’t you rather err on the side of Good? What is the harm in that? Don’t think for a second that I’m not sure, I am positive of His existence. To a believer, it is as obvious as your own existence. You do believe in yourself, right? Here’s another little tidbit:

You are an actual part of God.

Your website is a mockery of God and everything good he has done FOR YOU. If you think that you got to where you are now in life solely because of the decisions that you have made, think again. You have been guided. Now you have a choice. Denounce this website as an err in your judgment or you can continue to denounce God.

Non believers such as yourself put your faith in science and Proof. But how can one prove anything? How do I know that the sky is blue or water is wet or that I am typing this response? I can see the sky. I can feel the water. I can hear the keys being punched. I rely on my senses to show me what is real. It’s more than that though. I have FAITH in my senses to indicate the reality around me. There is no KNOW there is only BELIEVE.

I keep hearing that the more educated you are, the less likely one is to believe in God. That is true, up to a point. The top tier of intelligent people in the scientific community are starting to believe more in intelligent design i.e.-God. Physics has hit a wall. The explanations for 98% of the universe is beyond comprehension. Do some research and you will see what I’m talking about. Shit, science hasn’t even been able to reconcile quantum mechanics with relativity for 70 years!

It’s not too late to turn back. You believe in a lie perpetrated by someone who has expressed interest in the fall of humanity. I have a dare for you. Read the book “The Game of Life and How to Play”. It’s a short book with no mention of God in it, I promise. It was written in the 30’s by Florence Shovel Shin. One warning though: Once you read it, you can never go back. I read it 5 years ago and my life has changed for the better in too many ways to describe. There is no doubt.

So what’s it going to be? Stay on the path to nowhere or wrest control of your life back from- THEM? Forget the past. You have a chance to make a big difference or you can stay as one of the useless forgotten. Unless, that is, you already are one of them. In that case- have fun in hell. – Brian Gabel