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Maybe you should spend a

Maybe you should spend a little less time mocking God and get a life. This isn’t science… Sorry if Christians were trying to bring peace and hope into this world. Go ahead and spead the rest of your life resisting/mocking your creater and when you die, you’ll find soul is stuck in eternity, without God. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you it sure means something to Satan. Why don’t you go watch the Passion of the Christ or the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Oh yeah, there’s a movie you would like coming out… The davinci code. Another mock of God… -john Quintiliani

What does FSM theory, Naturalist

What does FSM theory, Naturalist science, and Intelligent Design all have in common?

You cannot prove ANY of them are truth.

Time has proven Naturalism and Darwinistic beliefs to be flawed, just as others have been. No one has a videotape of the beginning of the universe, and thus we have only theories. Theories are not FACT. They are conjecture based on assumptions.

Yet we embrace Naturalism as though it is fact with the most important fundamental question that could be asked: Where did we come from?

While FSM is effective in proving a point that Intelligent Design introduced into a school setting is highly questionable – I would also like to take it a step further and say it also proves how faulty Naturalist theories can be as well. Science needs to admit ignorance of FACT in this matter and simply say “We don’t know for sure,” and get over itself. After all, if Naturalism was indeed accurate and perfect as a theory…it would be a LAW.

Laws of science are all that need to be taught in the school system, otherwise the school system is pushing fact based on FAITH in a theory.

For all we know a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe with noodles.

And, Mr. Henderson, for all you know you may be going to hell.

Aaron Waggoner

Congratulations, bastard. You’ve figured out

Congratulations, bastard. You’ve figured out how to manipulate a million people. What are you going to do next? Ask the government for no taxes because of your so-called-religion? Look, only someone with the mind of a two year old would think of doing something like this. If you file a lawsuit against and government offices you will do nothing but prove your own stupidity and deprive children from learning because schools are underfunded as is. What you are doing is truly asinine and I hope you realize the error of your ways soon. And by the way, your case would not hold in court, mainly because no judge in his right mind is going to buy this bullshit. Maybe you should try to convert bush, he is a two year old too is he not? Also, feel free to kill yourself.

Sincerely, james aladar