Only in a land of

Only in a land of fairy tales and disney lands can people believe that “things” just poof “appear”.

Evolution uses monkeys, time and chance to explain how everything came to be. The fool says in his heart there is no God, so I will prove to you that you are that fool. Take the evolution theory (which is your only choice), rewind it in your mind until you get to the Big Bang…now pause. How did those original molecules come into being?

Poof, fairy tales…they just appeared out of nothing, nowhere.

Ok so who is the dummy here, me or you? I got reality on my side and you dont and here is the obvious point you missed though you stare at it everyday…: Complex objects dont appear from nothing, be it a car, airplane, computer chip they all have a designer and strenous efforts to make them, any slip in the manufacturing process screws it all up.

I have reality on my side…I believe in a Designer: God., the God of the Bible that explained creation to your ancestors and could to you but you are stubborn as heck, Id say even more then a mule.

There are NO transistionary fossils in the record (ie. half bird, half fish) The second law of thermo-dynamics conclude that everything is falling apart, not evolving into mor complex entities.

How come we still have Apes if they evolved into humans? Apes are there to show how foolish you evolutionists are.

YOu could hide behind your “I dont believe that, I simply believe in the meatball theory” Then my theory on you being a fool would be obviously clear and intact.

And if you still think you are so smart and wise,to be above a Biblical God theory, allowt me ask your wife how you really are and it should silence you.

David Dorozan

This part of your website

This part of your website interested me greatly:

“So.. to the majority members of the Kansas School Board: Why are you so hell-bent on this? Where are your supporters? Have them contact me, because I have yet to hear a single explanation of why faith-based theories should be taught in science classrooms.”

Are you really trying to make the argument that while creationism theories require absolute faith and have no scientific evidence behind them,(which I wouldnt argue) belief in the Big Bang theory of creation does not require equal or even greater faith? I think that is a very foolish, ignorant, and hypocritical standpoint, especially coming from someone who screams so loudly about impartiality.

Lets look at this more simply:

Theory A: All of the matter in the universe was created by an all powerful being (God in our case), everything that exists stems from his will and this is why we see so much purpose and logic in our world.

Theory B: All of the matter in the universe came to be through instant imacculate conception, and for SOME reason (note scientists even today can give no valid logical scientific basis for why or how such an event as the big bang would occur, just that it DID, again no faith required here) all of this matter exploded and created one big fucking universe. But this isnt even the end of this line of thinking, now we have to get down to the animal level here on earth. Science says there is a system called “natural selection”, so here science is claiming that there is actually an intelligent force driving the evolution of plants and animals on this planet. So in fact there is a creator, its called “mother nature”. This system/organism/being/creature/lifeforce whatever you want to call it, has been driving the survival needs of all creatures for quite some time, is responsible for creating US, the greatest living things we know to exist, and yet EVEN this “mother nature” cannot accept the title of God, because scientists wouldnt admit to it.

So in reality, not only are evolutionists worshipping another being, but they openly deny it at the same time. Please tell, what requires more faith.

My suggestion? Get all of this bullshit out of the schools, when you can prove something, you can teach it, until then, behave yourself.

Spencer Reesman

Mr. Henderson’s pseudo-Letter is smarmy, jejune, not humorous in the least, but incontrovertible scientific evidence that its author is, in fact, be the missing link between homo sapiens and lower primates.

[Corrected version of original e-mail immediately below. Please have the academic courtesy and decency to include only the corrected version on your website.]

“Mr. Henderson’s pseudo-Letter is smarmy, jejune, not humorous in the least, but incontrovertible scientific evidence that its author is, in fact, the missing link between homo sapiens and lower primates.”

-Alexander F. C. Webster, Ph.D.

Bobby: It is interesting that


It is interesting that evolution advocates use derision and sarcasm to deal with those who believe in intelligent design. They also seem to think that evolution is one unified belief. It is obvious that the theory of evolution is really less than a scientific theory. One can see that by the lack of intermediate species in the fossil record. Those who have a knee jerk response to competing theories show their real academic credentials. They are running scared because what they believe is shown to be fraudulent. I am always amazed at the lack of confidence scientist have in the theory they love so much.

James Bean