Map Nearby FSM People

There’s a few new things on the Registry page for the Ordinated people.

First, scan the QR code on your card to go to your Registry page.

You can download PDFs of your credentials etc.

Newest feature is a map of the Pastafarians near your location.

I’m working on way for you to contact these people (but in a way that everyone’s info is kept private.) For now if you want to get a hold of nearby people for a meetup or something just let me know.

If you have the new style Ordination cards try it out and let me know what you think.

Check out this artwork

I was blown away by this pop-out card on twitter. Amazing right?

I’ve contacted Penkin in the hopes that he can create some artwork for us. We’ve got a lot of ideas for projects.

Please check out his portfolio: here

Mikhail is in prison

Bad news — our friend Mikhail Iosilevich has been arrested and has been taken to prison.

Mikhail founded the first Church of FSM in Russia. The group he organized is very active, and by all measures a positive influence in the community. I remember many times seeing photos of their activities and being impressed with what he had put together.

You may remember Mikhail had been under investigation by the Russian government for some time. After Mikhail hosted a training session for election observers in October 2020, his apartment was raided and his devices confiscated. He was charged with ties to the banned political group Open Russia (something Mikhail denies). The criminal case has been moving along since that time.

Police opening the apartment by force

Mikhail is now in prison on political charges.

I don’t know what we can do, but for a start we’re asking people to help spread the word. The more attention we can bring to the case, the better his chances for justice.

Below are some news articles about the case. Some are in Russian but can be translated through the browser.

Please let me know if you can offer any help or suggestions and I will pass them on to Mikhail’s team.

Here are some google news listings for this topic:

Photos of Mikhail: