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Black velvet art

I am a black velvet artist and I recently painted the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’m pretty sure that another loyal Pastafarian has done this in the past, so I stylized the great FSM to mimic the old Game and Watch LCD game, OCTOPUS.

It is set in the Pastafarian heaven, with a stripper factory and pirate ship (sadly, I had no room for the beer volcano).

Like any good velvet painting, it glows in blacklight. ;) I hope ya like it!

Sock Summit wood carving


The kate is done and ready for the Sock Summit fiber festival in Portland, Oregon next Thurs-Sun.

Everyone who’s seen it loves it! I drew my own artwork and if I make another, there are changes I’d make, but on the whole I think it came out well. Feel free to post, and if anyone asks, my company’s booth will be #216 at Sock Summit (Portland Convention Center).

Oh, and for those folks who don’t know, a Lazy Kate is a tool hand-spinners (spindles and/or spinning wheels) use to ply yarn. You spin singles on several bobbins (one is shown below) and then when you ply, you use the elastic cord to tension the bobbins so they all move at the same rate, and you move the spinning wheel in the opposite direction and keep the yarn twisting uniformly. If you look at store-bought yarn you can see it consists of several strands, and a kate helps you get the twists even as you ply.