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In Pasta We Trust, a maze

Published July 10th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Click for bigger version

Ben from mazedojo made this FSM maze “In Pasta We Trust”.  I think it’s amazing. I particularly like the pirate ship.  Click for bigger version.


Camden’s drawing

Published June 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I for one would like to see more work by Camden

Camden sent us this drawing, captioned “The Flying Spaghetti Monster watches Jesus and Satan fight in his spare time.”


Flea infested Spaghetti Mutt

Published June 16th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

The FSM has no Fleas. I'm offended.

Dirk from the Hentai Style drawing a few weeks ago took things a step further with this OFFENSIVE BLASPHEMOUS drawing of the FSM as a dog.  I’m outraged and …  no I’m not. I like it. Awesome work, Dirk. 

Take note Muslims, cartoons are sort of hilarious, they’re not grounds for going apeshit and trying to kill the cartoonist.  No offense, Muslims.


Abundance of pipe-cleaners

Published June 11th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


I was over come with an abundance of pipe cleaners, googley eyes, and brown balls today. What was a girl to do?

I hope it pleases him as mush as it made me squee!

Lindsey <3


Glittery car ornament

Published June 1st, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


I have now made 6 of these and forced some of my friends to put them in their cars….I hope you like them.



clay work of art

Published May 25th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I have the urge to pick Him up

Amy’s work of art.

He is handmade using polymer clay, wooden toothpicks and base metal findings. He has wiggly legs that are jointed to his body using eye rings and jump rings, so he has positionable noodles. He is 2" tall and 7.5" wide at the base.


Hentai style

Published May 22nd, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I particularly like the pirate-fish stockings

Following the increase of attacks on people drawing muhamad, I thought I’d submit my take on His Holly Noodlyness, Hentai stylee, to show this aggro world how accepting and chilled Pastafarians are.


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