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The Spaghetti Constant

I work as a scientist in the area of coating nanotechnology, or more precisely in the development of so called nano sputtering methods. Nano sputtering is a way to position single atoms or clusters of many atoms onto a surface to form a pattern with a nanometer thickness. Often the result is rather random; it is a little bit like firing off a shotgun against a wall with the atoms as shots. My research is aiming for methods to fine-tune the sputtering in order to achieve a desired pattern and thickness instead of just a random pattern, and I did recently a quite fantastic discovery I would like to disclose at your web site. An important parameter is the Diertmann-Zeigler value (d/z value) which easily can be understood as the lateral spin energy of the atom when the Möbier coefficient is set to 1 in the equation below:

When the d/z value is continually changed from 0.24 (which is focal zero point) to 9.56 (which is van Haank’s theoretical maximum) the achieved atom pattern should according to the theory be totally random. However, according to my findings there is one single value (d/z = 1.115) which does not give a random pattern, but always exactly the same pattern (see below).

The d/z value 1.115 is equal to π/e and obviously a natural constant which I hereby would like to denominate the spaghetti constant s.

Dr. Erik Ronne

glow in the dark



glow in the dark spaghetti & (bouncing) meatballs… found at archie mcphee’s in seattle. on that day, i took this amazing visage as an omen that the almighty noodler wanted me to just chill the fuck out. yes, watch out for choking on small balls. ironically, this sighting immediately followed the minor nationwide rash of teabagger parties.

the beach shot was taken new year’s day on rockaway beach, oregon coast… indeed a sign of good things to come!



Evidence in Chile



I´m Stefan from Australia. I´m currently backpacking through South America at the moment. I was in the city of Castro, on Isla Grande de Chiloé (Chile) last week when I came across an Italian Pizza/PASTA restaurant with a mural on the wall above it which suggests to me that the word of the FSM is spreading.

In Exhibit 1, we can clearly see His noodly appendage in the artwork on the left.

Exhibit 2 clearly shows what appears to be an interpretation of Michaelangelo´s “Creation of Adam”, much like what devout Pastafarians would be familiar with, with something very noodly-looking handing a piece of pizza to what appears to be a “midgit” Adam.

I knew when I saw it that I had been touched by the FSM. What a blessing! So seeing that it was Friday and I was very hungry, I went inside and enjoyed a nice big plate of spaghetti for lunch.


Pastafarian Stefan