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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. I wanted to remind people the Holiday e-Card machine is up. Also if you are stuck on gift ideas, please consider nominating someone to the Ministry.

Holiday e-Card Machine

Feel free to use the Holiday e-Card machine to send festive greetings to your friends and family.

There are a few designs available – this one is my favorite.

Gift an Ordination

You are welcome to nominate someone to the Ministry, if you feel they are ready for the immense responsibility. Order here

The Ordination packs are $49 including shipping and come with Certificiate, ID Card, and vinyl window decals

Gary Smith’s Pirate Hat ID photo will happen eventually

Here’s a nice article about Gary Smith and his efforts to wear a pirate hat in his ID photo. Until now they have denied him, issuing him temporary licenses without the photo. I find it inspiring that he keeps up the fight.

I admire the people who wish to wear religious headwear – colander or pirate hat – in their ID photos, while putting up with the questions, smirks, or full-on discrimination of workers. I hear about it often, and most people give up after being denied. It takes a special type of person to continue to fight for their rights. I have no doubt that Gary will be successful.

The article goes into detail about some of his other Pastafarian activites and outreach, it is truly impressive. Let’s find a way to help the effort.

Pease check out the Richmond News article about Gary.

Thoughts on hate-mail

After 10+ years of receiving hate-mail (or if not hate, let’s call it well-intentioned criticism), I find it hard to take offense or argue with these people. For years I have stopped posting these messages and rarely reply to them. I don’t believe these people are representative of the groups they claim to speak for, so I often felt that posting these messages was in a way unfair to those groups, because it may give a wrong impression of the groups as a whole.

I’ve decided to post a few messages from time to time, but I will not argue with these people. I received a message today that moved me to respond, if only to try to make peace with a critic.

I do not agree with some of Jeremy’s statements such as “When you die , you will not go to your Satan invented Pasta Heaven where your beer volcano and sex factory . You in reality will go to the everlasting Hell where you will burn and suffer for all eternity . There no beer in Hell and not even water . No girls for sex , but demons who will torture you.” .. but I respect that these are his personal beliefs and feel no ill-will towards him. Let’s agree to disagree, live and let-live.

I’ve posted his email, and my response below: