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Fireworks sightings 2009

Published July 5th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Photographed by sdowen.

Photographed by Nicole “The cool heathen chick.”


Happy 4th of July

Published July 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

First photo captured by Pastafarian Zach, second by Pastafarian John.

Please send me pictures of sightings, I’ll post them here.


possible sighting

Published July 3rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t know anything about this picture… anyone know?


banana split

Published June 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Hello, I’m Mexican and I was finding very funny the FSM page, but when I turned my eyes to the emty dish of my banana split, I can´t believe it but I found that his noodlyness show me the truth about the universe.

Since now, I will be a pastafarian.


Pastafarian Cesar.


Cat brought home

Published June 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Our cat, Tuna, brings home the strangest things. You’ll never believe what s/he (we’re not sure) brought home last night.

Pastafarian SP



Published June 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

One day my friend and I were walking in the park when we saw something on the ground. it was a dandilion plant, but not just any dandilion plant, we had been touched by his noodly apendage!

Ramen eh,

Dylan & Barrie


Croatian Sky

Published June 12th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I have taken some very interesting photos with my cell of the sky on the confirmation day of my cousin.

With faith in a better tomorrow an almost patafarian from croatia (thats me) sends you greetings and best wishes.


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