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headphones sighting

Published May 12th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


I am a new pirate, having just discovered His Noodliness last night. I told myself to look out for FSM signs, and what do you know, i saw Him and his noodly appendage when I returned to my room.
-Pastafarian Brandon


FSM spotted in the bahamas

Published May 11th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


While vacationing in the Bahamas recently, I spotted Him in Little Harbor on Abaco Island (attached). I assure you this image is 100% authentic, and is not ‘shopped.

I don’t know the real reason he materialized, because He didn’t see fit to tell me. Perhaps it is related to the well known pirate heritage of the area. I was puzzled by what appeared to be a plate, but I may have mistaken His surfboard. My theory is that He was on vacation, because you’ll have to admit—He looks pretty sauced in the photo.




FSM at gay bar

Published May 10th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


While getting drunk in a gay bar with a friend (being both extremely virile but also gay-friendly because gay men let us have more chicks), we spotted a sign of His Noodliness just behind me. His noodly appendage has actually touched me. Conclusion: Unlike other so-called gods, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (blessed be His meatballs) likes to hang around with gay people. As He created them, it makes sense.



dinner sighting

Published May 9th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Look what appeared before me (as the vegetarian option) at dinner last night!

Keep up the great work in spreading His message!

Brother zagbag, Austin TX.


miraculous oil

Published May 8th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


One day I was sitting at the stove top, deciding upon what to cook. Eventually pot stickers were chosen. First off, you have to put your vegetable oil in. I did this, and mixed it around by tilting the pan. When I was done, it miraculously took the form of his Great Spaghedeity.


lamp sighting

Published May 6th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson



A friend of mine was looking for apartments on the net and showed me one he thought was nice. I looked on the online pictures and found that the Flying Spaghetti Monster had found its way there and taken the form of a lamp. I told my friend that he definately should move in there.

I’m attaching the two pictures of His Noodlyness. The quality is not the best but you can’t miss the fact that it’s Him. The apartment is located in Turku, Finland.

Pastafarian Charlotta,


FSM spotted over Statue of Liberty

Published May 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


I spotted FSM over the Statue of Liberty!

– Pastafarian John

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