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Pirate Fish Sighting in Argentine Newspaper

I’m an U.S. citizen living in Argentina. As I was reading the paper today I saw what looked suspiciously like the FSM emblem of the pirate fish in the paper! Please refer to pictures.

The ad is sponsored by the Argentine federal government is explaining what things can be taken out of the country, such as tattoos, and what things cannot, such as fossils. Its a cultural preservation type text. However, I would swear someone lifted the pirate fish emblem and put it on this woman as a ‘fake’ tattoo. Nothing is said about it.

What’s even better is Argentina is a very strictly Catholic country. People would be furious if they even began to know what this stood for – assuming its from your site.

Anyway, I thought you’d be interested. Apparently the Pastafarian Argentines have infiltrated the newspapers here! Oh brave new world with such wondrous people!

Have a great day,

Lindsay Tolton

tat1.jpg tat2.jpg tat3.jpg

ocean fsm sighting

I must say, I feel so much like Doubting Thomas recently.  I mean, really, for those who believe in the FSM, no proof is needed, and for those who don’t believe in the FSM, no proof is possible.  Same for Jesus.

Until now.

This evidence of the FSM was photographed on the coast of Northern California last weekend.  Well, I might say, at the moment, it was actually a Swimming Spaghetti Monster, just a little past al dente.

I was so happy.  I now believe.