I wrote the Open Letter sometime around January of 2005 and posted it online several months later after receiving no reply from the Kansas School Board. Within days of posting it online, the letter became an internet phenomenon, generating tens of thousands of visits each day, as well as personal responses from the school board members themselves. To date (July 2010), the venganza website has received tens of millions of visits. This website operates on a dedicated server which lives in Sweden. I’ve received over 60,000 emails in response to the letter.

The letter, after making the rounds on the internet for months, was printed in several large newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun Times, and many others. The newspaper articles caught the attention of book publishers, and at one point there were six publishers interested in getting the Word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster out to the public. In the end, the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was released by Random House in March of 2006.

It’s now been several years since the FSM phenomenon started and it seems that there is a staying power that no one had anticipated. Future goals for the church include becoming recognized as a legitimate religious organization with all inherit benefits *and tax loopholes* that the mainstream religions enjoy.

Please leave me a comment on the Letter, the FSM movement as a whole, or whatever you like. Thanks,


4,300 thoughts on “Comment on the Open Letter

  1. Mad Lane says:

    …here my powerful yeah! comes :)). Thanks for your sense of humour, lovely Monster. Even bigger thanks to your faithfull adminmidgets :-*. Greetings from Poland tasty Mr Long-Armed!

  2. Mad Lane says:

    …and thanks for your wisdom and efforts to wake many people up to say: hey, why not be good for the others. Great! I do admire it and I’m happy that you succeed in so many ways, Pirate :).

  3. Bob says:

    Some are asking for proof that God exists. Most who believe in God say that God is Spiritual. I think that scientific proofs require “material” proofs and will not accept “spiritual” proof.

    I conclude that the “material” cannot prove the existence of the “spiritual”…and the “spiritual” cannot prove the existence of the “material”.

  4. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Mishler (#4251): You manage to write legibly from a rigid point of view, ignoring and demeaning any other point of view while assuming everyone – or almost everyone – secretly agrees with you, and that you are privy to ultimate wisdom. Your talents are wasted here. I suggest you apply for a job writing copy for Fox News.

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