Missouri State University Pastafarians - FSM Evangelizing in Springfield, Missouri

Thanks very much to JT, Trotsky, Brenda and all of the Pastafarians present for doing this. The following description is in JT's words.

"In Springfield, there is a group of zealous christians that bring an array of witty signs downtown every weekend and hold them up trying to save the sinful, wayward souls of all the partiers.

Some of their clever passages of moral goodness include:

"The Party Ends in Hell"
"To Marry a Divorced Woman is Adultery"
"Homosexuality is an Abomination"
etc.  etc.  etc.

So...my pirate crew and myself decided appraise them to the existence of the one TRUE god:
The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Here I go...gonna give them a pamplet and tell them about the FSM.

They told me they didn't want it and they refused to take it.  I offered to take one of theirs in exchange.  Again, they said 'no'.
I pointed out that it was kind of shitty of them to expect me to be receptive to their message while being unwilling to extend me the same courtesy.

They gave me the stone-walled silence.

Can't say I was shocked.

I decided to join them...help save some souls, y'know?

Ah, thanks for joining me, Trotsky.

With eyes lit up like the fires of Allah...

Look what we found!

Here's a close-up.

.saucy, saucy wenches.  Pun intended.

We handed out 135 pamplets in under 30 minutes.  Overall, the night was a HUGE success.  People were very receptive to what we were doing.  I hope some of them will start becoming more involved in many of the issues dominated by the religous right.  The lady above felt compelled to take one of our pamplets over to the christians and explain that we make just as much sense...and she's hot.

It's important to have females.  It attracts the attention of passers-by and pisses off the uptight people holding the signs across the street.

Another convert.  Well-done Trotsky!

Kickin' ass and takin' names.
People continually told us that our corner of the intersection felt a great dealer cooler than the others...coincidence?  Or prophesy?"

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